Boutique Export Service

Oakdale Meat Co. has an Export Registered business, OMC Australia Pty Ltd, which is an Australian Standard Meat Establishment (Tier 2). Our export division, OMC Australia, offers a full range of bone-in and boneless primal cuts of pasture and grain fed beef to customers throughout the world. As a boutique boning and packing room, Oakdale Meat Co. is ideally placed to meet the specialised requirements of small and mid-volume supermarkets and food service suppliers. Our dedicated export manager has an in-depth experience of the Chinese, Japanese and Korean beef markets.

OMC Green label OMC Brown label
Dentition: YP Young Prime

(up to 36 months)

YP Young Prime

(up to 36 months)

PR Prime Beef

(up to 42 months)


(All ages)

Feed category: Grass fed Grass fed Grass fed Grass fed
Dentition: Maximum 4 teeth Maximum 4 teeth Maximum 7 teeth 8 teeth
Meat colour: 1A–3 1A–4 1A–5 1A–6
Fat colour: 0–3 0–4 0–5 0–6
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