Bone-in and boneless primals

Oakdale Meat Co. offers a full range of bone-in and boneless primal cuts of pasture and grain fed beef to customer specification. All cuts are boned and trimmed by our highly-skilled meat workers to provide high-yielding, ready-to-use products that save you time and money – and reduce wastage. Primals are graded, vacuum-sealed, weighed and individually labelled. Trim is manually sorted and then objectively measured for red meat to fat (chemical lean) content.

Dicing, mincing and portion control

Oakdale Meat Co. provides a range of value-add services to meet your exact requirements, including dicing, mincing, portion control and packaging. We do all the work for you, improving your margins and quality control. Portion-controlled products ensure consistency in preparation and presentation, providing you with quality control and less wastage. We receive orders up to 5 am for same-day delivery.

Packaging and labelling

Portions can be packed using vacuum skin, thermoform and conventional vacuum packaging to retain their quality, freshness, tenderness and shelf-life before being packed into high quality cartons. Dice or minced products can also be supplied in bulk, including individually-wrapped 5 or 10 kg bags or 400 to 1000 kg bulk bins, for same-day load-out if required. Every primal, every portion and every carton is clearly labelled according to weight, AUS-MEAT grading and your specification, so you can be assured of consistent quality.

All of your meat needs

Oakdale Meat Co. can also supply premium lamb, pork and chicken products from other leading processors, enabling us to fulfil all of your red and white meat requirements. As with our beef products, all lamb, pork and chicken can be expertly processed and packaged to your exact requirements.

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