The Best Beef Starts With The Best Cattle

All Oakdale Meat Co. source predominantly British Breed cattle from throughout Victoria and New South Wales. Oakdale Meat Co. implements a strict quality assurance program for all of its pasture fed brands. This fully-documented program covers everything from livestock selection right through to load-out. All Oakdale Meat Co. brands carry the ‘True Aussie’ trademark, reflecting Australia’s unique climate and raising environment, and the use of stringent quality and integrity systems.


Sunday Creek

Sunday Creek is our premium beef brand, delivering a flavoursome, tender and juicy meal, every time. It is produced predominantly from pasture fed British breed yearlings that have been bred and reared in the fresh mild climate of southern Australia.


Tallarook is our premium grain fed beef brand. We source predominantly British breed cattle from the southern regions of Australia and finish them on a high quality blend of grains for 100 days to optimise carcase characteristics and eating quality.

Black Angus

Oakdale Black Angus is our very own private label. Sourced from Angus cattle bred and reared by the Dawson family in central Victoria and supplemented with purchases of verified Angus cattle.

Premium Beef

Beaumont Premium Beef is proudly boned, portioned and packaged by Oakdale Meat Co. for leading food distributor, PFD Food Services. Our expert grading and boning processes ensures superior flavour, tenderness and juiciness, every time.

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