Oakdale Black Angus is our very own private label. Sourced from Angus cattle bred and reared by the Dawson family in central Victoria and supplemented with purchases of verified Angus cattle, Oakdale Black Angus combines the natural marbling of the Angus breed with the rich flavour of pasture fed beef for a tasty, juicy meal. Oakdale Black Angus delivers more than 100 years of Dawson family know-how in cattle breeding and processing.

  • Premium pasture fed beef
  • Verified Angus cattle
  • Station-reared by the Dawson family
  • No added hormones
  • Certified quality assurance program


AUS-MEAT: YG Young Beef (up to 30 months)
Feed category: Grass fed
Dentition: 0–2 teeth
Meat colour: 1A–3
Fat colour: 0–3


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